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KubeSec is an industry event hosted by Aqua and our partners that focuses on security in cloud native environments, addressing the demanding security and compliance requirements when deploying Kubernetes in production.
This series of online educational sessions is led by industry thought-leaders, analysts and end-users on emerging trends, market views, best practices and more.
January 21st
Securing your AKS ecosystem is your responsibility. How to adopt layered container security.

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A deep dive into securing Azure’s managed AKS Environments, covering all the lifecycle of the container security from the human to the processes sides passing by the toolset.
Adil Touati
Cloud Architect
Moderator - Rani Osnat
VP Strategy & Product Marketing
January 28th
Are your CI/CD Pipelines Secure?

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In this talk Angel will discuss common obstacles in securing applications, CI/CD pipelines & protecting sensitive access to integration targets. Attendees will learn strategies to secure apps, sensitive data, integration points and improving pipeline security postures. 

Angel Rivera
Developer Advocate
Moderator - Story Tweedie-Yates
Senior Director of Product Marketing
February 4th
Seccomp Notify: the new Linux superpower coming to a Kubernetes cluster near you!

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Until now, you could define seccomp policies in Kubernetes to allow or deny system calls but not much more. The new Seccomp Notify feature in Linux 5.9 will enable more complex policies and the ability to write your own agents to handle new use cases in Kubernetes. 

Alban Crequy
Co-Founder & Director
Moderator - Andy Feit
VP Corporate Marketing
February 11th
The Art of Building Secure Kubernetes Pipelines

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In the ever-changing world of cybersecurity, threats to Kubernetes also remain ever-changing, and one of the biggest challenges of managing security in Kubernetes is being updated to those threats. Often times, the knowledge that we think we have about existing CVEs will surprise us when new ones come along and attack on surfaces that we do not yet expect. In this talk, I will be outlining the latest trends of security practices in Kubernetes pipelines and talk through how we can utilize best practices in order to ensure safer deployments..

Renaldi Gondosubroto
Founder and CEO
GReS Studio
Moderator - Story Tweedie-Yates
Senior Director of Product Marketing
February 18th
Who wants Cookies? ... and GitOps and Runtime Security

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There is so much to think about with regard to cluster runtime security and your configuration pipeline. A good recipe helps you reduce the things you need to think about. 

You will learn how to use quality OSS ingredients like Flux and Falco to serve a secure platform of gitops goodness the whole team will enjoy! You can rest easy in your gitops kitchen knowing no horrible geese (exploits, vulnerabilities etc) will burn your cookies. 

Dan "POP" Papandrea
Director of Open Source Community and Ecosystem
Leigh Capili
Developer Experience Engineer
February 25th
How to invite Security to the table…without feeling like you called the cops to break up the party

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In an industry that is saturated with tools, as security professionals, how do you address all the needs to secure an almost entirely new tech stack? How do you chose the best fit? How do you disrupt a mature or institutionalized traditional security controls program and drive adoption across an organization? How do you avoid confusing everyone when you finally share data coming from “All the things”?

Brynna Nery
Cloud Security Solutions Architect (Senior Manager)
Royal Bank of Canada
Moderator - Rani Osnat
VP Strategy & Product Marketing
March 4th
Securing the software supply chain with in-toto and Spire.

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A software supply chain is the series of steps performed when writing, testing, packaging, and distributing software. A typical software supply chain is composed of multiple steps “chained” together that transform (e.g., compilation) or verify the state (e.g., linting) of the project in order to drive it to a final product.

Cole Kennedy
Director, Defense Initiatives
March 11th
Automate CIS Benchmark Assessment for Kubernetes Through DevSecOps

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In today’s regulatory environment, organizations must stay on top of compliance requirements while modernizing to cloud-native Kubernetes, mitigates against security breaches through continuous automation. Organizations are using Center for Internet Security's Kubernetes Benchmark for assessments, and that does not need to be a manual process. Building DevSecOps pipelines that assess and remediate is essential for every organization who wants to build security into their DevSecOps CI/CD pipelines.

Michael Fraser
Co-Founder, CEO
March 18th
Who else is in your pod?

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A talk to show different ways an attacker can gain access to a cluster due to missing security controls and poor app/service security. Will also demo what an "Attacker in a pod" can do, what logical steps does an attacker follows and how K8S security controls come into play during an ongoing attack

Riyaz Walikar
Kloudle Inc.
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