KubeSec Enterprise

Presentations by industry thought leaders and practitioners
sharing their real-world experience adopting cloud native approaches.

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KubeSec Enterprise

Since the first KubeSec Enterprise Summit held in 2018 as an in-person event prior to KubeCon in Seattle, Aqua’s signature series has evolved to include a range of formats with a common goal of sharing knowledge and best practices for securing Kubernetes in production.

KubeSec Enterprise Summits

Presentations by industry thought leaders and practitioners from end-user organizations sharing their real-world experience in securing large enterprise deployments, and cultural challenges when adopting cloud native approaches for DevOps. Panel discussions and ample time for networking, allow attendees to engage with peers from around the globe and share experiences.

KubeSec Enterprise Online Webinar Series

Initially created in response to the global pandemic cancelling live KubeCon events, the webinar series has proven quite popular with most sessions drawing thousands of registrants. Topics range from 30-60 minutes, and have included high level market perspectives presented by industry analysts to deep-dive technical talks on security standards and tooling… and everything in between!

KubeSec Enterprise Workshops

The newest element in the KubeSec Enterprise family of events is our hands-on series, which has been delivered in both live and virtual formats. The workshops are conducted in partnership with one of the leading cloud platforms (past events have been held with Microsoft based on AKS, and with AWS using EKS), and instructor-led labs walk participants through the process of securing a Kubernetes cluster, scanning registries, and implementing run-time controls to protect application workloads.


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Past Speakers
Akinbiyi Akindoyin
Cloud Architect
Elena Kravchenko
Application Security Lead
Micro Focus
Loic Le Dru
Kubernetes Platforms Lead
Rory McCune
Principal Security Consultant
NCC Group
Fernando Montenegro
Principal Analyst
451 Research
Macheil Pronk
IT Security Engineer
Liz Rice
VP Open Source
Aqua Security
Jason Smith
Partner Solution Architect